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Fitzhugh Hall—If these walls could talk, the stories they would tell. In this modern digital age of websites, Facebook and blogs the walls can talk, through the stories of students, faculty and staff who lived their lives around this 100-year-old building on Peachtree Street.

Tell us how Fitzhugh Hall played a role in your life. Whether Fitzhugh represents work or play, here’s your chance to tell the world your memories in Fitzhugh and its significance. Did you propose on its steps or just read on them? Was it a place of sanctuary away from the chaos or was it the center of your social life?  Was Fitzhugh your residence hall or office space?

Below, tell us your personal story about the impact Fitzhugh Hall had on you.


Homecoming Q & A with Michael Dukes

Michael Dukes, Alumni Director

Michael Dukes, Alumni Director

Michael Dukes, class of ‘98, is Belhaven’s Alumni Director. If any of you alumni are on the fence about coming “Back to Belhaven” this year, read this short Q & A before you make up your mind! Register Online for all of the Homecoming events you plan to attend.

What is your favorite aspect of being Alumni Director? The interaction with alumni (and friends) from varying eras is always satisfying to my soul.  Helping connect alumni passions with something that is currently going on at Belhaven, and see them get involved, is the most enjoyable aspect of my role here.

What is your favorite time of year? Homecoming is the pinnacle for alumni involvement during the school year, so naturally it is my favorite time.  I could put together a Homecoming schedule full of activities and events, but my philosophy is to plan a few meaningful events and reserve the bulk of time available for simple conversation and “re-connection” for alumni.

What are some annual favorites that will be back again for Homecoming 09? Of course, the Alumni Awards Luncheon is a highlight each year.  This event allows us to honor a handful of Belhaven’s alumni who have made significant impact in their churches, careers, and communities since departing Belhaven.  This year’s recipients are certainly a worthy group.

Other staple events are the Sports Hall of Fame Banquet (Friday night), the Fifty Year Club Fall Meeting, and the 5k Run/Walk…AND the Football team will square off with Shorter College on the gridiron this year…GO BLAZERS!

Homecoming Court 2008

Homecoming Court 2008

What are some special events that are new this year? The most significant new event for Homecoming this year will be the “Thirty Years of Excellence” Celebration, honoring Drs. Al Chestnut and Phil Kelly.  It’s a pretty remarkable thing to have faculty stay at one institution thirty years or longer, yet alone in one department.  We wanted to do something to honor these gentlemen and allow those who sat under their teaching the opportunity to express their thankfulness.

Although it’s not a totally new event, this year will see the return of our Blazer Basketball Mini-Camp (Saturday morning).  We want to encourage alumni with children or grandchildren to bring them and let our Belhaven student-athletes interact with them and teach them some basketball skills in the process!

What is the one thing  you hope all alumni experience when they come “Back to Belhaven?” Much of who I am as a person was shaped during my time at Belhaven, so my passions for the College run deep and true.  I know I am not the only one for whom this is the case.  So, my hope is that all alumni who are even remotely tempted to come back for Homecoming will make the choice to do so.  I am persuaded that just simply being back on campus will bring back some powerful memories for us all of what the Lord accomplished in our lives through Belhaven College and the people who were here with us.

6 Degrees of Belhaven…Hold the Bacon

Mr. Eliud Michura and Dr. Randy Russ

Mr. Eliud Michura and Dr. Randy Russ

How did Mr. Eliud Michura, a Kenyan, end up in Jackson, Miss. to observe how Belhaven College integrates faith and learning in student development? To answer this very complex question, I thought it would be interesting to play a little game of “Six Degrees” which usually includes Kevin Bacon. Not today. Today, we’re talking about how Belhaven connections span the globe and how the Lord has used them to bring a Dean of Students from a Kenyan university all the way to Belhaven College. This tale of “6 Degrees of Belhaven” began over a decade ago…

  1. Jane Lang’at (class of 1998) and her husband Robert moved to Kenya, where Robert is the Provost at Kabarak University and Mr. Michura is the Dean of Students.
  2. Dr. Joe Martin, Chair of the Belhaven Biblical Studies dept., connected Jane and Robert with…
  3. Dr. Randy Russ, Belhaven Business professor who was already planning a trip to Africa, and who often gives seminars on faith integration in the classroom.
  4. Dr. Russ changed his summer plans (2008) to include a stop in Kenya, where he did a seminar for small business owners, one of whom was Anne Michura…
  5. Anne told her husband, Eliud, about Randy’s seminar…
  6. A friendship was born between these two men, and Randy returned to Kenya in Winter 2008 and invited Eliud to come and observe how Belhaven trains students in faith integration.

So, by the time I met Eliud on the Belhaven campus last week, the Lord had already created an intricate path to bring him here, and it was filled with Belhaven connections. His stay at Belhaven will last 3 weeks, and during that time he will observe how Belhaven integrates the biblical worldview into student programs. He plans to take back many ideas to Kabarak University when he returns. Several things that Belhaven has impressed upon him include the heavy investment into students’ lives, the integration of faith and learning, and the general hospitality he has felt on our campus.

Dr. Russ hopes that this relationship continues to such a degree that Belhaven students could study in Kenya next summer, learning AND practicing “Business as Ministry” with students from Kabarak University. The goal of this program is to help communities spiritually AND economically. I hope to have follow-up news to this post in the coming months! Until then, welcome to campus Mr. Michura!

Documentary on alumna Elizabeth Spencer in the works

1942 Belhaven Yearbook1942 Belhaven Yearbook

The year was 1942. World War II raged, Casablanca premiered in New York City, and Elizabeth Spencer exited Belhaven with a diploma in hand.This Carrollton, Miss. native went on to achieve literary prestige in a time of great change.  She is also the subject of a feature-length documentary, says a recent article in  The Clarion-Ledger. The documentary is still in the works, but keep a look out for the interesting story of a Belhaven grad who went on to address many issues at the heart of a slowly changing Southern landscape.