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Belhaven's Fitzhugh Hall

Fitzhugh Hall—If these walls could talk, the stories they would tell. In this modern digital age of websites, Facebook and blogs the walls can talk, through the stories of students, faculty and staff who lived their lives around this 100-year-old building on Peachtree Street.

Tell us how Fitzhugh Hall played a role in your life. Whether Fitzhugh represents work or play, here’s your chance to tell the world your memories in Fitzhugh and its significance. Did you propose on its steps or just read on them? Was it a place of sanctuary away from the chaos or was it the center of your social life?  Was Fitzhugh your residence hall or office space?

Below, tell us your personal story about the impact Fitzhugh Hall had on you.


B & U Day

This was my first experience at B & U day.  This particular day was set aside  for incoming freshmen.  Like a freshman, I  haven’t  been at Belhaven very long, so I didn’t know what to expect.  When the day started you could just see the campus come to life.  Students with their parents, smiling as they walked around the campus.  Almost everyone I said “hello” to had a contagious attitude that spread throughout the campus.

The Belhaven staff and faculty were kind, helpful and engaging with every student they talked with.  One thing I noticed was the love and unity within the admission staff as they invested their energy and time into each freshman.

I am very blessed to be a part of a staff and faculty who want to serve others with a passion and purpose. Overall, B & U Day was an amazing  start to a wonderful year.   I am looking forward to seeing how the freshmen class will grow during their time at Belhaven.

–  David Sprayberry

Web Writer/PR Associate

Five freshmen met Belhaven University for the first time and gave me their first impressions and observations during the annual B & U Day festivities.


Name – Heather Holcomb

From – Memphis, TN

About – Heather was awarded a soccer scholarship and will be playing hard for the Blazers this year.

First Impressions – “I really love the smaller size of Belhaven.  I’ve also enjoyed getting to meet the new freshmen class during B & U day.”


Name – Datodrick Pinkston

From – Forest, MS

About – Datodrick plans to major in sports medicine and is on the Blazers’ basketball team.

First Impressions – “I am really impressed with the amount of school-spirit at Belhaven.  I was drawn to Belhaven because of the many academic achievements here.”


Name – Joyce Smith

From – Hattiesburg, MS

About – Joyce is at Belhaven on a softball scholarship.

First Impressions – “I chose to attend Belhaven because it is a great Christian university and everyone knows one another and seem to be a very close-knit group.”


Name – Toni Robinson

From – Jackson, MS

About – Toni plans to finish at Belhaven with a degree in communications

First Impressions – “My first impression of Belhaven is that the teachers here really care about us.  I also chose to attend BU because of the emphasis on teaching from a Christian worldview.”


Name – Anna Lopes

From – Brazil

About – Anna is a creative writing major and enjoys hanging out in the library reading books on her kindle.

First Impressions – “I’ve noticed that the staff and faculty here are all very helpful, open and welcoming.”

Healthy Initiative passes 1-year Mark

Nutrition Facts

Belhaven CafeteriaWould you like fries with that? You might think twice if their ample calorie count is staring you in the face.

Last year, the Belhaven Dining Commons (run by MMI), launched a “Healthy Initiative” program to help students make informed decisions about their meals. Along with changing all frying oil to 0-trans fat oil, the staff has added Nutritional Information cards to the mix, complete with the average calorie count in each entree. They also offer a sugar free dessert and ice cream each day.

So what’s the verdict? Do you think knowing the nutritional value of your meal options changes the way you choose your food?

Getting to Know Clara Brown, Campus Security

Clara Brown, Campus Security Officer

Clara Brown, Campus Security Officer

“Belhaven surprised me,” states Clara Brown, who has been a Belhaven campus security officer  for 11 years now. As we continue to talk, I learn that it’s really the students’ openness and warmth that has been surprising. In stark contrast to her previous job on a different campus, Belhaven students were eager to make her part of “the Belhaven family,” as she now calls it. She says, “I like to see how students here volunteer, how they go to church, and how they invite me to pray with them.” In fact, she credits these students with helping her grow spiritually over the years.

When Clara talks about her job, she mentions the things she does (escorting students to and from their cars, unlocking doors, patrolling the campus, etc), but mostly she just talks about the students themselves. Her favorite aspect of her job? “I love helping students.” How has the job changed her perspective? “I am more of an athlete by nature, but hanging around artists at Belhaven has given me an appreciation for all of life.” A first that this job has provided? “It’s my first time working somewhere where I meet people from all over the world.” The most pivotal moment that changed her perspective towards students forever? The day a student athlete came up to her, gave her a hug, and told her she is loved. Today, “Miss Clara,” as she is affectionately known around campus, does her job joyfully–keeping campus safe for “her family.”