Where Are They Now?

This summer, we polled you guys to get some updates on your summer activities and here’s some great news on graduates and others affiliated with the International Studies Major:

Bethany Adkins (08 grad) – has been promoted to Manager of the cool coffee house in Dallas where she’s learning the trade ahead of her plan to take Europe by storm.

Francisco Eguiguren (08 grad) – is attending graduate school in Connecticut, with a busy first year under his belt. Among the highlights were internships with the Ecuadorian Consular Services Office in New Haven, CT; the International Enterprise Development Agency; the UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR); and the Ecuadorian Chancellery. Two of these were in Brazil, where Francisco studied for one year during his time at BC. As part of one of the internships, he composed a lengthy research study on tourism in the South American Countries that Share the Amazon Basin and are part of the Amazonian Corporation Treaty Organization. (It took me, like, 10 minutes to type all of that.)

Stephanie Evans (07 grad) is entering her first year of law school at Mississippi College and is teaching dance!

Fabio Fagundes (09 grad) – has landed a great position with Laidlaw & Company in New York City, where he is being trained as a stockbroker with emphasis in Brazil. (Go, Portugese!)

Luke Mittwede completed his cross cultural internship in Turkey during the summer.

Amy Morrow did an internship with The American Dance Festival and conducted interviews for her senior dance project with the Israeli Cultural Attache, Yoram Morad. Her project is about contextualizing dance cross-culturally, in a collaboration with an Israeli choreographer.

Stephen Shelt (09 grad) is preparing to go to Uganda as a missionary next year.

Roo Stephan and David Mittwede completed their study abroad in Italy during Spring 09, and they’re back on campus!

Monica York went to Vietnam!

If we missed anyone’s activities, my apologies..please update us!