Great Summer for ISTers!

Here’s a travel update:
(1) Sydney Morris has returned from an exceptional semester honing her culinary skills in Italy, so we’ll expect taste testing during Fall semester!
(2) Essa Wiseman has been accepted to Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland for the Fall semester. This is part of the British Studies program, so if you’re interested in following in Essa’s footsteps, see Ms. Becky Sims in Fitzhugh for application information.
(3) IST Alum Bethany Adkins is Europe bound this coming Fall for several months in mission internships.
(4) Grace Anne Haynes is in the U.K. this summer doing church internships. Dr. Joe Martin is forewarding her email updates to ISTers on a weekly basis.
(5) IST Alum Stephen Shelt is bound for Uganda for a 2-year missionary assignment.
Family update:
Congrats to IST Alum Julien Marion and his wife, expecting their first child in late summer.
Other announcements? Be sure to blog!
Have a great summer!