Jerry Rankin explains how “people groups” revolutionized mission strategy

Former president of the Southern Baptist’s International Mission Board addressed the international missions class yesterday. He told how missionaries “used to just go to the most receptive people in a nation-state, rather than thinking about people groups.” Sadly, the relatively modern notion of a nation-state clouded our understanding of ‘ethne’ (ethnic groups). So when missionaries went to, for example, Nigeria- they believed their mission field was all of Nigeria, with its 400+ distinct ethnolinguistic groups. Ever since the 1990s, mission agencies have been focusing on people groups, rather than nation-states. That has revolutionized mission strategy, and is responsible for what Rankin said is the greatest advance in the worldwide effort of evangelism.

Jerry Rankin at Belhaven U

Do smart phones lower your CQ (cultural intelligence)?

First we heard that cell phones will give us cancer; then we learned that they’re responsible for tens of thousands of auto accidents each year. Now we’re finding out that they are responsible for lowering people’s cultural intelligence. I have no doubt that each of these dangers of cell phones are real. How do cell phones lower our CQ? It turns out that when students go abroad for missions trips or internships, they spend so much of their time facebooking with friends back in the USA that they never make significant relationships overseas. See David Livermore’s full story