“They have a word for it”

Have you ever wanted to find the right word for a political party that exists expressely to rip off the public? The Dutch have a word for that: plunderbund. Or do you know any Frioleros? That’s Spanish for “people who are particularly sensitive to cold weather.” For my lectures on cross-cultural communication, I’ve been reading a 1988 called They Have a word for it which contains hundreds of words you WISHED you could say in English, but there’s no precise term.

Well it turns out that www.betterthanenglish.com has a number of these strange and entertaining (and informative) words. New words are being added to the website all the time, too. The most recent addition is yoisho, a Japansese word that has no meaning at all, but which people say when they plop down on the couch at the end of a hard day. I wonder if the Japanese say “yoisho” and then enter a Bettschwere (German, for “a state of consciousness too ponderous for anything but sleep.”