Baron’s primitives

This week Larry Baron, an importer of cultural artifacts, addressed the Globalization and Culture class. Larry has collected artifacts from the Tarahumara in Copper Canyon, Mexico; Zulus in South Africa; Yanamamos in the Amazon; and various parts of China. Among the artifacts that Mr. Baron passed around were: authentic wool blankets, huge burden baskets, stone corn grinders and a spindle. Mr. Baron also told the story of the Tarahumara, a people group whose language and culture is disappearing. They rose to international prominence through the memoir “Born to Run” which tells of Tarahmara who can run 100 miles a day for five days- barefoot. Baron is not only interested in the exchange of cultural artifacts, but also in applied anthropology- specifically empowering indigenous peoples to assert their rights at a governmental level. He worked with the Mexican government to petition for a “cultural biosphere” for the Tarahumara.

Larry Baron talks about a museum quality drum

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