Rwandan Exchange students give back to their country

Belhaven, along with more than a dozen other US universities, hosts several of  Rwanda’s brightest students through an exchange program. But what about Rwandan students who are interested in a good university education but don’t have the English scores to qualify for entrance int a US university? Belhaven student Anselme (Nathan) Mucunguzi has started a foundation to help 25 rural Rwandans prepare for entrance exams each year. The brilliance of the foundation, called Inspire Scholar’s Foundation, is that it does not waste money. English teachers who are already in Rwanda spend their Christmas holidays or summer holidays helping local schools throughout the country to identify students that would benefit from the scholarship. Then the selected students receive intensive local tutoring for the tests.

Mucunguzi’s foundation was recently featured in a story at  Click here for the full story.

To give to the foundation, go to their website Inspire Scholar’s Foundation

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