Music Faculty Present Concert

Nine music faculty members along with three Belhaven music alumni presented a full concert last Saturday evening, February 25. Performers included the following:

Mr. Casey Kirk & Dr. Owen Rockwell, Percussionists

Dr. Tanja Miric, Classical Guitarist

Mr. Chris Phillips, Tenor/Countertenor

Dr. Stephen & Mrs. Carolyn Sachs, Duet Pianists

Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor, Violist

Mrs. Sarah Anne Waters, Pianist

Dr. Andrew Sauerwein, Composer

(compositions performed by alumni Roberta Duhs, Soprano, Sarah Elias, Pianist, and Rachel Reese, Violinist)

A great night was had by all, and audience members described the concert with words such as “relaxed”, “joyful”, and “communal”.

Dr. Owen Rockwell (far left) and Mr. Casey Kirk (2nd from right) along with two assisting percussionists.

Roberta Duhs (Soprano) and Sarah Elias (Pianist)

Dr. Stephen Sachs & Mrs. Carolyn Sachs, Duet Pianists 





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