Global Studies Minor Now Available For Belhaven Students

Belhaven University’s Department of International Studies recently launched a minor in Global Studies, and it is quickly becoming a popular option for students across a broad range of majors.

The minor consists of 15 credit hours in six courses, which are offered every year can be taken in any order. Students who choose this minor study communication, global trends, cross-cultural immersion and are encouraged to serve outside the United States as part of a service-learning practicum.

“I am excited about the addition of the Global Studies minor at Belhaven,” said Dr. Kirsten White, Assistant Professor and Chair of the Department of International and Intercultural Studies “It is a value-added option for every major. The campus wide faculty were quick to embrace it.”

The global studies minor gives students a chance to see what their field looks like in a global context.

“Whether its Psychology, Business, Nursing or Sports Administration, the program is designed for students who want the opportunity to expand the kingdom on a global scale.”

Dr. White added another valuable benefit of the program – it’s a resume builder.

“Employers that see the international experience are usually impressed,” said Dr. White. “Students with these skills are great problem solvers and communicate well with people of diverse cultures.”