Ms. Bettye Quinn, Associate Professor of Education, has seen a lot in her time as a student and professor at Belhaven University.

Ms. Quinn, who celebrates her 82nd birthday this week, will soon begin her 52nd year of teaching at her alma mater this fall.

“I’ve been working at Belhaven for 52 years, working at the Children’s hospital for 62 years, been a member of my church for 72 years, and this week I’ll celebrate 82 years on earth,” said Quinn, who sat down with us for an interview recently.

Ms. Quinn recalls her earliest memories of Belhaven came as a small child on campus to watch the Singing Christmas Tree, a tradition that turns 85 this Christmas. As a student and later faculty member, she participated in the Singing Christmas Tree.

She routinely runs into her former students, many of which have gone on to careers as doctors, lawyers, judges, and of course teachers. Once, a chance run-in with a former student almost went awry.

“I had a former student that was an FBI agent, and he was looking a little rough,” said Quinn. “I saw him and spoke, and he quickly had to tell me that he was working undercover and that I could not be seen talking to him!”

You’ll find “Ms. Bettye” at theatre and dance performances, concerts in the music department, athletic contests and just about anything that involves her students.

“When I was a student and early in my teaching career, I could attend everything,” said Quinn. “As Belhaven has grown, there’s always something going on. I had to leave a concert at intermission to attend a theatre performance.”

We want to wish Ms. Quinn a Happy Birthday and a successful 52nd year of service to Belhaven University.

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