Dr. Don Hubele Celebrates 20 Years at Belhaven, Enters Legacy of Learning

Dr. Don Hubele, Professor and Chair of the English Department at Belhaven University, was formally inducted into the university’s Legacy of Learning after serving students on campus for 20 years.

Much has changed at Belhaven over the beloved Dr. Hubele’s time here. When he and his wife Donna first came to Belhaven in 1997, the student body was much smaller, the facilities were fewer and the theatre department lacked baritones for its musical, El Gayo.

“I got to have the lead role in the first musical,” laughed Dr. Hubele. “I will remember that as one of my cherished memories of my time at Belhaven.”

Dr. Hubele repeated a story that he has told from time to time about his first days.

“I went fishing with Dr. Parrott and Dr. (Joe) Martin,” he said. “We were on the Pearl River where it meets the sewage plant. The only way to get to where the fish were was to go across the rotting trusses. Ir was hot, there were mosquitoes and poisonous snakes and it was terrifying! But we made it and it was one of the funniest things.”

Dr. Hubele was instrumental in the writing, development and implementation of Belhaven’s Worldview curriculum. He served Belhaven as a student life dean, a coach and a faculty athletic representative, and directed a number of overseas trips to the Caribbean, Australia, Mexico and Central America.

“One of the things that drew me to Belhaven was that I was tired of Christian colleges and universities that had glossy brochures and good mottos, but were following the ways of secular universities. Dr. (Dan) Fredericks called me and asked me to interview and help write the Christian worldview curriculum where the courses are interconnected under the aegis of the lordship of Christ. I knew this is where I needed to be.”

This fall, Dr. Hubele begins his 21st year teaching at Belhaven and his 40th year in Christian higher education. A new crop of scholars will join the thousands of students that have sat under his learning tree.

“One of the great joys of my life is Advanced Freshman Composition,” said Dr. Hubele. “There is always a new crop of brilliant young scholars that are so eager and joyous. You can’t be depressed being around these students. These are the most brilliant kids on campus and it is usually set up so that it is the first class they ever take in college.”

Congratulations, Dr. Hubele on your 20 years at Belhaven and your induction into the Legacy of Learning. 

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