Preparing for College Writing


Many college students report that the biggest difference between the high school classroom and college is the adjustment to academic writing. Kim Priestmeyer, Associate Professor of English at Belhaven University, recently conducted a webinar to homeschooled students across the nation on this very important topic.

Students can begin preparing for college writing classes by increasing their vocabulary, writing with a more formal tone and being less narrative and personal in their writing. The webinar also shows students the value of learning to write under pressure, as essay examinations are a common assessment at the college level.

She suggests that students not shy away from tougher high school classes like Advanced Placement courses. Homeschool students can also gain an advantage by taking dual enrollment courses through Belhaven High Scholars. This allows students to simultaneously receive credit for high school and college courses through an online, integrated classroom setting. All courses are also taught from a Christian Worldview.

Drone Footage of University Village Construction

Work on the $9 million University Village project continues at Belhaven University. The new apartment style residence community is set to open for students this fall. Our University Relations team recently captured this aerial footage of the construction site.

As you can tell, the project is transforming the center of our campus. Interior walls are starting to go up and windows have been installed. Installation of the facia, soffit, brick freeze and soffit vents has started and roofing has been completed.

In the next six weeks, the building will be insulated, ceilings and flooring will begin to take place, and millwork will be installed. Progress is moving smoothly and we should  be ready to welcome students to this amazing new facility in August.