Let’s Go Walkn’ Mississippi

Our Governor, Haley Barbour, who was our commencement speaker a year ago, has a campaign to get Mississippians exercising, called Let’s Go Walk’n Mississippi. Did you know that walking one mile briskly in 15 minutes burns nearly as many calories as jogging the same distance in 8.5 minutes?

On the Belhaven campus we have 74,423 square feet of sidewalks.  That is 4.7 miles of sidewalk.  Amazing that we can have nearly five miles of sidewalk on a campus that is only 50 acres including our lake.


Related to sidewalks, here is a trick of college administration I learned early on. When building a new building, try to not put in the sidewalks at the beginning.  Wait to see where students make a path, and then build sidewalks where they want to walk. We’ve done that many times through the years, which is why we have very few paths through the grass across campus and the grounds can look so nice.

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