Gas Prices Again – Save $3 per Gallon

The WAPT web site reports how to save $3 a gallon on gas.  Stuart Kellogg, the General Manager of the ABC affiliate is a member of Belhaven’s Board of Trustees, so it must be true.  Stuart completed a Master of Divinity at Wesley Biblical Seminary last year, and he and his wife Beth are especially proud of their daughter Allison, who was Miss Mississippi in 2003 – she and her husband are now both actors in NYC.

By following a few simple tips, you can save $3 a gallon on gas, without having to make any changes to your car.  Mark Grubbs, an auto mechanic at Terry Road Tire and Alignment, is an expert. He said saving gas starts under your hood. First make sure to change out your air filter regularly.  The U.S. Department of Energy said that can save you 41 cents a gallon. Also keep your engine properly tuned and you can save another 16 cents a gallon. So far we saved you 57 cents a gallon.  Next, by keeping your tires properly inflated you can save another 12 cents a gallon. That brings the total to 69 cents a gallon saved so far.  By observing the posted speed limit, you can save 94 cents a gallon. That brings the total savings to $1.63. And for every five miles per hour you drive over 60, you’re paying 30 cents more per gallon. Next, when you bring your car to a stop at a stop sign or stop light, don’t hit the gas when you take off. Accelerate slowly. That will save you more money than any of the previous tips. If you avoid rapid acceleration and aggressive braking you can save up to $1.35 per gallon of gas. The total savings now is $2.98 a gallon. Now, take the excess weight out of your vehicle. That will save another 8 cents. The grand total is $3.06 a gallon in savings.

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