Sir John Templeton

At the age of 95, John Templeton died yesterday. He was a pioneer in mutual fund investing, creating what became the Templeton Funds. He was a Presbyterian, very interested in evangelical causes, and focused his support toward science and religion research as he got older. His Templeton Prize was established to be equivalent to the Nobel prize for religion, and went to a wide array of people from Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, and Bill Bright to Hindu and Muslim leaders as well.

One of Belhaven’s special friends, Stuart C. Irby was good friends with Sir John, and I remember one day talking to Mr. Irby about how I wished the Templeton Foundation would help us. In typical Mr. Irby fashion, he said, “well, let’s call him” and tried to get him on the phone right then. We didn’t connect that day, and when Mr. Irby did ask him on our behalf, John Templeton’s focus for his Foundation was in the process of shifting to science and religion studies through their own projects.

I always wondered if a gigantic gift from someone like that would help us best fulfill God’s calling for Belhaven . . . or would it make us less dependent on trusting the Lord every day?

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