Willie Neil Johnson & The New Gospel Keynotes

I discovered this group 25 years ago and have loved their music ever since. I had all their stuff on cassettes until I wore them out, and now you can’t find all their albums on CD. (If anyone has any and willing to share, please let me know!). Willie Neil died in 2002, so we’ll have to wait to get to heaven to hear his newest songs.

My daughter gave me Willie Neal’s CD, “Help Me Be Strong,” for my birthday….and it finally arrived from Amazon today. Their music is produced by Malaco Records here in Jackson, but I was a big fan of theirs long before I ever knew Jackson, Mississippi would be in my life. All their songs are great, but on this CD “All in My Room” is one not to miss. But their all time favorite of mine is “Just a Rehearsal.” Get some big speakers and turn that up….doesn’t get any better.

If you’ve never heard them, you don’t know what good music is supposed to be. Their song, “You Brought Me From a Mightly Long Way,” is the perfect blending of Gospel and Blues.

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