China Wins – The Olympics

I’m sorry to see the Olympics come to an end.  204 countries competed – the most ever.  And when you watch the athletes, you remember how much people all over the world are alike – it’s a shame we focus so much energy on our differences.

This Olympics was probably the best ever.  Not only was it well staged and competed, but the games were remarkable because of how much they meant to the home country.  The Olympics are always a point of pride for the host city, but this year, there was a remarkable commitment of openness from China behind the games – and we need to be praying it will continue in this country that includes 1/5th of the world’s population.

The last time the world was this focused on China was the Tiananmen Square student uprising of 1989. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen then, just as I was fascinated by these games dominated by a country that wouldn’t compete in sports they were sure they couldn’t win until just 20 years ago.

A fascinating look at how the Olympics have changed is on the NY Times web site.  It shows the medal count through the years.  While it feels like the US and China dominated the games, that’s not always been the case.

No matter what the final medal count is for the 2008 Olympics, China wins.

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