Hurricane Preparation – part 2 (see part 1 below)

Today we have everything into place should the hurricane hit Jackson.

  • 4,200 bottles of water
  • lots of food that doesn’t need refrigeration
  • Resident Directors are stocked with flashlights, batteries, first aid supplies, and emergency radios
  • each residence hall also has a walkie-talkie so they can communicate if they can’t go out, and a bull-horn if needed.
  • all the trees on campus were checked today to see if any needed to come out ahead of the storm.

Tonight, each campus resident is required to attend a pre-storm meeting. The agenda is included below.


Please announce to your classes this evening and tomorrow to check the web should the storm hit. That will be only way we are likely to be able to communicate with all students, faculty and staff. Our homepage already has a Hurricane Gustav link.

Our team has done an outstanding job putting our preparation plan into action.

We are as ready as possible.


Mandatory Hall Meeting – Hurricane Gustav

1.    College Preparations Include:

a.    Large stockpile of bottled water.

b.    MMI has food reserves including foods that do not require cooking.

c.    Residence halls have first aid kits, flashlights, etc.

d.    Belhaven website will be updated as needed throughout the storm.  There is a link on the homepage.  (Tell your parents.)

e.    Check your Belhaven email account.  We will communicate in that way as long as we can.

2.    Should you go home now?

a.    You should not go anywhere until we know where the storm is headed.  It could veer off to Texas or Florida.

b.    If it appears imminent that the storm will hit our area, we should be able to advise you as to whether you should leave or not, and where it may be safe to go.  With a severe storm, everyone who can go home should do so.  If you are able to go home, you are encouraged to bring friends home with you who cannot go to their own homes.

c.    Student Life is in regular communication with the Athletics department.  In the event of a severe storm in our area, practices and/or games will be cancelled.

3.    If you choose to stay at Belhaven, or you have no other options:

a.    We will take every precaution for your safety during the storm and your wellbeing afterwards.  That may include being confined to your residence hall immediately before and during the storm – for your safety.  Those who violate this policy will face disciplinary action.

b.    Be prepared to experience several very hot, uncomfortable days and nights after the storm with no AC, running water, etc.  It is unlikely that we will be able to provide an air conditioned location for you to sleep as we were able to do after Katrina.  It is NOT a slumber party!

c.    There may be a curfew established – for your safety and the security of the facilities.

4.    How should you prepare for the storm?  You may want to:

a.    Buy a flashlight

b.    Have some bottled water and snacks

c.    Fill your car with gas – pumps don’t work without electricity, when some came back online, the lines were VERY long, and prices went up drastically.

d.    Confirm that you have adequate prescription drugs, etc. on hand.

e.    Have some cash.  ATM & credit cards are useless without power.

f.    Don’t park under or near a tree if you can help it.  Wells residents, don’t park behind Wells Hall – Katrina picked up roofing stones and broke many windows.

5.    In the event of a Tornado Warning, go to lowest level of your building, away from windows.

6.    After the storm, do not go outside until cleared by staff.  Most deaths occur after the storm due to downed power lines, etc.

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