Hurricane Unlikely to Hit Jackson (part 4 – see below)

Last night the National Hurricane Center did a sophisticated test dropping measuring divices from 40,000 feet all across the hurricane.  Those results can track the storm direction to within 100 miles, so the computer models this morning are much more accurate than what we’ve had thus far.

The storm appears to be headed more to Louisiana than Mississippi, although could bring hurricane force winds to both.  It is predicted to rise to a category 4 storm, but then weaken before it hits land.

The projection of hurricane force winds shows the areas at greatest risk.  For those of you reading who are not familiar with Mississippi geography, Jackson is about half way up the state, just south of the Arkansas/Louisiana state line.

In Jackson, we’re likely to get lots of rain and need to be careful of spin-off tornados, but it appears the hurricane will not come this far north.

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