Praying for the College…..Colleges

I know that lots of people pray regularly for Belhaven College.  I often hear from alumni, friends, faculty, staff, parents, and students who tell me they are supporting us all in prayer.

I receive the following encouraging email yesterday.  What a wonderful gift this is to Belhaven, and the other schools, to have these friends pray for us.


Today I saw two ladies looking at the Legacy of Learning plaques on the sidewalk. I thought they must be alums, looking at the names of their old professors.  But they were prayer walkers, praying the Bible passages on the plaques over the campus.

They come here every year on seven consecutive weeks, to pray for God’s blessing on the campus. They go to Millsaps also, the same days. Then they go seven weeks to Hinds, then seven weeks to MC.

This is not a program of their churches, but something God laid on their hearts to do. I was encouraged by that, and know you will be also.

Joe Martin
Biblical Studies and Ministries

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