First Hand Report from Houston

Christine Williams, our Director of Admissions in Houston, left a message on my cell phone this afternoon saying that she was safe, but that her family, along with nearly everyone else in the city, was without power. Reports are that 2 to 4 million people have lost power and it could take over two weeks to restore the entire city.

Christine was attempting to call the other staff and faculty to check on damage, but it has been difficult to connect cell calls. The police have asked people to to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles and only travel if necessary.

Our students, faculty, and staff in Houston can’t read this, because they have no power. But you can, so I trust you’ll continue to pray for them.

The following message to pastors came to me this afternoon from the Christian Emergency Network:

PASTORS ADVISORY – for Ike Response

Want to help? Don’t jump in the church van and head to Galveston, yet…

Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Advises Pastors to Share with Congregations the Right Way to Respond to IKE

(PHOENIX, AZ) September 12, 2008 – After every major disaster, willing and helpful Christians respond from the heart, but not always with their head.

Mary Marr, Christian Emergency Network (CEN) Chairman and Founder states, “During Katrina, a group of Christians showed up to volunteer asking where a hotel was that they could stay in. This happened more than once. Here’s another major disaster – when supplies and volunteers willing to help might show up unprepared, putting an unnecessary strain on responders.”

See their web site for more information.

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