The NEW Belhaven Band From Blazerland….Millsaps Game….and School Spirit

Tonight our football team played powerful Millsaps that rolled over Mississippi College last week 42-6.  It was a very close game going into the fourth quarter. Then their punter used the hurricane generated winds blowing from Texas for a 77 yard kick, followed by our fumble near their goal line and that took all the fight out of us. The final score was 14 – 34. I was proud of our team and they played well and with class in a very emotional game.

Along with a big crowd for the game, tonight was a special night with our new marching band taking the half-time field for the first time. This was something we’ve worked toward for years, and to see Dr. Paxton Girtman, lead the Belhaven Band From Blazerland onto the field was thrilling to me. Made me feel like the first time I saw our football team on the field 11 years ago.

Here is the first picture of our marching band (notice the flag team too) – blue jeans and tee shirts for uniforms for now, but just wait…..

I did the coin toss to get the game started so was down on the field and took some pictures of students getting ready for kickoff. Students came painted up with lots of school spirit. It was a great night.

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