Houston Campus Update

I received this email today from Dr. Steven Rodriguez, Dean of the Faculty for our Houston Campus:

I just received a phone call from Chase Crawford with Granite building management.  Here is a summary of what he said.

There appears to be no structural damage whatsoever to the Belhaven – Houston offices or classroom suite.  There is some damage on the second and third floors of the building including a few broken-in windows.  As you know, we only occupy parts of the first floor.  He said that there is still no running water or electricity in the building, but that they are striving to officially reopen the building with all of these services by tomorrow @ noon.  I told him that we would not be there again until next Monday 9/22/08.

I have been watching weather and traffic conditions online via Houston news stations.  They indicate that traffic is heavy in-bound with those who are trying to reenter the city and outbound both with normal and some who are still striving to evacuate as electricity in some areas may not be restored within 2 – 3 weeks.  Much of the city still has no power.  Houston city officials are indicating that they are trying to work from the west side of the city (where our campus is located) then to the east in their electricity repair efforts as there are greater quantities of individuals on the west side.  I have relatives in Katy, which is near our campus who have had electricity since yesterday, but others in the same area have no electricity.  People near my home in the middle of the city indicate that electricity is still not restored.

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