Dr. Phillips Presents Major Paper at Free Market Forum

Dr. Stephen Phillips, Political Science Department, has been selected to present a paper at the Hillsdale College Free Market Forum September 25-27th, which brings together business and political science faculty from a wide range of Christian and private colleges.  His was selected among seventeen proposals.  His topic is “The Morality of Free Trade.”  I asked Stephen to summarize his work so I could include it here on the blog:

I examine the problems associated both with various forms of protectionism, as well as with the “Fair Trade” movement.  I promote free trade, bounded by a biblical morality, as the best option.  I show the broad benefits of free trade: improvements in wealth, education, health, and even greater freedom of ideas, including the spread of the gospel.  I provide numerous references as well as empirical evidence to support my positions.

Part of the significance of this presentation is that many of the faculty attending are libertarian, and don’t seem to understand or appreciate a biblical ethic for all of life.  Others attending tend to adopt a soft socialism as representing a biblical view of mercy.  I try to address both positions from a biblical perspective.

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