Dr. Billy Kim – Day of Learning – Thurs. Oct 30th

Thursday we will bring together the entire campus for a “day of learning” from 8:30 to noon to focus on the remarkable working of God in Korea through the past several decades.

Dr. Billy Jang Hwan Kim, President of the Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC), will speak about God’s exciting work in South Korea, and the FEBC Korea Children’s Choir will continue their international tour with a special musical appearance here at Belhaven.

Dr. Kim has been in evangelical ministry for over fifty years, and he has accomplished many remarkable things throughout his life. Though his early years included extreme hardships, including the Korean War, God’s hand was on Billy’s life from a young age.

Billy was able to get work as a house boy for the U.S military, where he met Sgt. Carl Powers, who helped him go to America to complete his education. Sgt. Powers enrolled Billy at Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, South Carolina.  In August 1958, Billy married Trudy, whom he met at Bob Jones Academy. The fearful 17 year old boy who left Korea in 1951 returned with an education, a beautiful wife, and a passion and vision for ministry.

Dr. Kim’s ministry in Korea began small, but it grew exponentially with each passing decade. One instance of his passion for the gospel was the Billy Graham Crusade of 1973, where Dr. Kim translated Dr. Graham’s nightly messages. His interpretive skill was marked by speed, accuracy, and enthusiasm. Each night the crown grew to a maximum attendance of 1.1 million.

In 1973, Dr. Kim was installed as Director of the Far East Broadcasting Company in Korea, where he has been for over 3 decades.  In 2000, he became the first Asian to be elected as President of the Baptist World Alliance. Continuing an active and broad international ministry, he has been invited to many large Christian rallies all over the world and has become a famous speaker.

The Korea Children’s Choir will be arriving with Dr. Kim from Birmingham and will continue on to Atlanta after their stay in Jackson. We are privileged to have such young and talented voices at the Campus Day of Learning, especially since these young singers have traveled across the world in order to spread the gospel with their voices.

Dr. Kim’s experience in ministry and his role as an international evangelical leader make this Day of Learning a special treat for our campus.

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