Men’s Soccer Rankings and Homecoming Spirit

Our men’s soccer team has had only had one loss all season, and we dropped from 6th to 22nd in the national rankings that came out today following our loss to University of Mobile last week.  Doesn’t feel too fair since many teams above us have had several losses. I guess this will give us a better opportunity to surprise the competition in the national playoffs.  Interestingly, there are only four teams in our conference that play soccer and three of them are nationally ranked.

At homecoming I had some students offer to face paint me.  Not going to ever happen, but do like the school spirit.  To bribe them from not wanting to face paint me, I promised to put their picture on my blog. But then ran into another student who offered to “knuckle paint” me…..that’s not going to happen either, but where else but Belhaven would you get someone who paints on their hands “I love World View Curriculum”  That’s one for the yearbook.

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