Discover Day Comments

Last month I posted some comments from prospective students who visited the campus for a Discover Day. Here are some more responses from recent campus visits:

Discovery Day was an awesome experience for myself and my mother. I just felt right at home. I truly want to attend Belhaven. Hopefully I will get the chance to do just that! Thank you so much for everything. You are all in my prayers as my families! Continue to do great things!

I completely loved the visited and it really brought alot of definition to what I need and want to do. I loved talking to instructors as well as being able to have fun with those same instructors. It brought everything to a real level, and that’s what we want to have. A connection with those who will be teaching us and implementing their knowledge on us.

The amount of time the dance department head (Mrs. Newland) spent speaking with us helped us get a feel for the type of character and quality of those who will direct our daughter’s college career. We thank her for that. She seems to be very caring and involved. It is hard to get a feel for someone’s character from a picture on the school’s website. We appreciate the planning that went into the Discovery Day schedule. Having a full schedule allowed us to get a good overall assessment of Belhaven without wasting our time.

Belhaven has been catapulted to the top of my list. I want to come here. Badly.

I am kind of in love with Belhaven!

I was extremely impressed with the emphasis in worldview. The mindset of the teachers is the same in all departments. That is one of the most important aspects. The level of commitment of this school to the students’ knowledge beyond what we would normally learn in our studies is eyeopening. I could go on for hours. Belhaven is my #1 choice thus far.

My visit sealed the deal with regards to which college I most want to attend. Tuition is the only thing keeping me from going at this point. I’m only a junior, so were going to work on lots of scholarships. 🙂

When I arrived to look at the school, Belhaven was second on my list of colleges. I was, however, very impressed with all aspects of my visit, and am very seriously considering enrolling there.

We really liked Belhaven. Would love to go here, however it is very far away from home and that may end up being an issue. We fell in love with the Christ centeredness we saw everywhere, it shined through!

It was really nice to see that there still are dorms that are NOT co-ed out there!

Everything about Belhaven was amazing. I’m more excited than ever to start my studies this spring.

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