Air Conditioning is the Key to Our Future

This is the time of year we all dread…..the two or three first hot days when all the pollen seems to pop out all at once and covers everything in yellow.  Hopefully it will rain tonight, because it never seems to go away until we get a good rain.

This is also the time of year when the campus is anxious for the air conditioning to be turned on in our buildings. Unlike our heating and cooling in homes, these huge industrial systems cannot simply be switched from heat to AC – it is a big deal change these mechanical systems.  Thus when we change them over for the season, the change is for good.

The dilemma of when to switch over to AC is difficult when we get a few early hot days, but knowing more cold nights are yet to come.  We try to wait until we know that heat will not be vital for our residential students before we make the switch.

So yes, we know this past few days were tough with no AC, but the weather will be cooler now through the first part of next week – which is why we decided to wait.

As Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations, David Potvin gets many of the “requests” to turn on the AC, and this note to him from a student puts it all in perspective (I just love clever creative students)

Please turn it on; please, the AC is a very valuable resource for good learning environment.  Considering that our brain is 60% lipids (fat) it wouldn’t be a large step to say that the heat is melting our brains.  With the lose brain matter we will have people failing, and with people failing it will cause the school to shut down, and with the school shutting down you will be out of a job which could have been prevented by just turning on the AC.

The bottom line is that the AC will start to come on during the end of spring break week – it takes several days to change over the entire campus.

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