Big Win for Korea

Y.E. Yang impressively won the PGA Championship on Sunday.  It wasn’t that Tiger Woods lost the tournament, but clearly the Korean player beat him with a remarkable eagle on #14, and an incredibly difficult approach shot on 18 to secure the win. (Mr. Yang’s second round started with 4 bogies on the first 5 holes, but clearly he was focused enough to get back on track.)

Golf is HUGE in Korea.  I had the opportunity to play there this summer with my host, Dr. Billy Kim, president of Far East Broadcasting.  The course was demanding in the magnificent mountains about two hours outside of Seoul, the players were strong, and even the caddies were intimidating

I have never seen anything like these caddies. They managed five golfers and take care of everything for you – even bring green tea ice cream as in the picture below.  The carts run on a guidance system so they can move them forward remotely, and have communication systems to the group in front to assure you don’t need to wait to play the next hole.  It was quite a production.

 Seoul, with it’s 10 million people, doesn’t have much room for golf, so they build driving ranges throughout the city – often over parking lots.  A couple pictures from my trip are below:



One thought on “Big Win for Korea

  1. Dr. Parrott,

    I so much enjoy reading your blog – Crichton, Les Paul, Korean golf. You cover the gamut. I visited with Coah Lee & Bobbie Ladner over the weekend at Olivet Nazarene. I left impressed with all Don is doing, your father’s legacy. and your encouragement to them to building a beautiful chapel that will serve the Lord in serving so many young adults.

    Belhaven and you remain in my prayers.

    God Speed,

    John Garvilla

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