Celebrating In Korean

Isn’t it great how God works without being slowed down by the limits of distance, culture, and language we assume to hold us back?  And we get to see more of God’s reach because of the technology tools of today.

In Korea we have a sister Christian College who is seeking to do the same type things as Belhaven, but reaching a population we could never reach because of the language barrier and the distance.  They are serious about building a biblical foundation in every curriculum, and preparing graduates to serve the world in the name of Christ – just like Belhaven.

And God is blessing them, just as He is blessing us.

If you attended the events at the start of school for our faculty and staff, you know that our special guest was the president of Sungkyul University in Korea. Dr. Jeong came to initiate our sister school partnership with them following up on my visit to their campus in June.

Last week Sungkyul celebrated their 47th anniversary and asked us to send a video.

One of the Korean students in our graduate program, Kookie Kim, was my translator, as I was able to share a greeting with them. And then we had a number of our students say “congratulations” in Korean.  (Kookie taught them how.)

At the end of the video, Kookie and I came back on, and I said “congratulations” in Korean, and then she said it in English.

Here is a picture our Korean friends just sent from that event when they showed our video.

Sungkyul University

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