A Marvelous Opportunity in Indonesia

On Friday we hosted on campus Mr. and Mrs. Raidy, who lead SPH International, a Foundation which is establishing 1,000 Christian schools in Indonesia.  They are wonderfully gifted people who have a firm grasp of Christ-centered education, and have a heart for reaching their country through quality education.

They also have established a UPH, a university of 16,000 students located in Jakarta.

They were here to recruit teachers for their schools.  We had over 100 of our students come for the information session. They need teachers who are certified. They would teach in English.  They will pay a good salary, travel costs, provide housing, and even some “getting settled” money.

This is a marvelous way for our graduates to have an international experience without needing to raise their own support.

If you’re interested contact Budi Raharjo Legowo, Director of Administration  (legowa@sph.ad.id) to apply.

I was so impressed with this educational system and their heart for the Gospel – and solid Reformed theology.  I’d strongly encourage our alumni to consider this unique opportunity to teach full time in Indonesia.

In addition to this opportunity, we are exploring connections on other levels:

1.   A one month educational experience for our current students in Indonesia.

2.  Their 12th grade graduates enrolling at Belhaven.

3.  Their university students studying for a year at Belhaven.

4.  Our education majors doing their student teaching in Indonesia.

God is so good to bring us together with Mr. and Mrs. Riady, and we look forward to building a significant partnership in the months and years ahead.  I’m thankful to our mutual friend, Dr. Ric Cannada, President of Reformed Theological Seminary, for introducing Belhaven to Mr. and Mrs. Riady.

Also included in the photo are Dr. Jonathan Parapak and his wife, along with Dr. Perry Yang who directs the schools, and Mr. Legowo.

Aileen Hambali Riady_Group

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  1. This is a wonderful opportunity!! Would Belhaven be interested in joining with a college in Israel? (Ministerial-based)? sdj

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