Some Friday Afternoon News

Here are several items of interest:

1.  This afternoon the NAIA named Belhaven as a Champions of Character school.  This recognition highlights colleges and universities that: “restore character values and raise a generation of students who understand and demonstrate in everyday decisions integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership.”

2.  Our H1N1 report shows we are having about three students each week catch this flu.  They are being cared for following our policy (posted earlier on this blog) and that seems to be helping us avoid the type of major outbreak that has come to many campus.  Keep washing hands and using those hand sanitizers all over campus.  We are hopeful of having the vaccine available soon for our students, employees, and their families.

3.  If you haven’t read it yet, you must – there is a great article in “By Faith” magazine (Fall 2009) by faculty member Dr. Randy Smith who leads our creative writing program.  It addresses the importance of Christian writers, and features Belhaven College.  “By Faith” is the official publication of the Presbyterian Church in America.


4. In his blog, Reconcilers, Chris Rice remembers a very important conference held on our campus 12 years ago this week. This meeting brought together leaders from dozens of schools to address the issues of racial reconciliation on American college campuses.  Little did we know that weekend, that when Spencer Perkins shared his ground breaking message calling for a “culture of grace,”  it would be his final time to preach and he would die the following Monday. Chris is a great friend of Belhaven, as is John Perkins, Spencer’s father.

5.  And make sure you caught this campus news story.  Congratulations to Prof. Wooten:

Ms. Kathy Wooten, Assistant Professor of Accounting at Belhaven College, won first place in the Best Teaching Practices for Accounting competition, held at the Christian Business Faculty Association (CBFA) conference. This was Ms. Wooten’s first time as a presenter at the annual conference, which made her success all the more outstanding.

Ms. Wooten’s presentation, entitled “Head, Hands and Heart in Managerial Accounting,” showed how professors can integrate traditional lecture methods, hands-on classroom experiences, and Christian principles into the classroom. She used her Managerial Accounting class as an example, where she recently had her students simulate a t-shirt factory in the classroom—making them responsible for everything from production line to quality control. This hands-on project gave the students a broader knowledge of accounting in “the real world,” and they had fun as they gained new knowledge.

6.  At Belhaven, we continue to weather well the financial storm.  The dollars are tight, but we’ve not had to cut any programs that impact the student experience, or lay off a single employee because of finance.  But the Clarion Ledger reports that more difficult days are ahead for PUBLIC higher education in Mississippi. There has been some talk of a mid-year tuition increase at these schools. 

Higher Education Commissioner Hank Bounds reports he expects budgets: already cut $32 million in September, to be cut by at least an additional 3 percent by the end of the year because of declining state revenues and estimated a nearly $109 million cut from the system’s original budget this year by the 2012 fiscal year. Those cuts range from $27 million at Mississippi State University to $4.4 million at Mississippi University for Women. “They’re some pretty scary numbers,” Bounds said. “We are in very difficult times.”

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