Happy 103rd Birthday Mrs. Harmon

Mary Harmon taught home economics at Belhaven from 1952 until 1982.  Today she is celebrating her 103rd birthday!

She grew up in Goodman, Mississippi and graduated from “the W” in 1932 where she studied home economics.

At the request of President Gillespie she joined our faculty in 1952 “to finish out a semester for another professor”  She stayed 30 years, and of course, is a member of our Legacy of Learning Faculty honor roll.

She taught our own Ms. Bettye Quinn at Belhaven.

I know from reliable sources that Mrs. Harmon took most of her paycheck while teaching and put it right back into her classes.  She especially loved the Dr. Ford choirs, and her classes would help make the costumes each year.

Mrs. Harmon says that every morning she reminds herself that “this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice in it.”  That is a great way to live to 103 and make the most of each precious day the Lord gives us on this earth.

2 thoughts on “Happy 103rd Birthday Mrs. Harmon

  1. Mrs. Harmon is such a godly example of aging with beauty and grace. Every time I have spoken with her former students, they all sing her praises! I came a little too late for her classes, but it was truly a privilege to interview her for our upcoming Tartan magazine. Happy 103rd, Mrs. Harmon!

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