Follow up on Writing and Mrs. Harmon

Here is the link for the creative writing story published in In Faith magazine. It was just posted online this afternoon, and since some of you may not be subscribers, this link will allow you to read this marvelous story about our creative writing program directed by Dr. Randy Smith.  LINK HERE

Yesterday we wished Mrs. Harmon a 103rd happy birthday.  Larry Mills, Assistant to the President, went to see her yesterday to wish her happy birthday from all of us. She still lives alone at 103 years old. Larry told me he went to see her after Thanksgiving last year and she was up the attic ladder getting out her Christmas decoration.  Oh, to be 102 again!

One thought on “Follow up on Writing and Mrs. Harmon

  1. I enjoyed seeing the article in byFaith about the Creative Writing program at Belhaven! It is encouraging to see Christians seeking to engage the world for the glory of God!

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