Don’t Be So Busy You Miss It

Last week (when it wasn’t raining) I received this encouraging and wise email from Robin Savoy, Director of Campus Operations.

I couldn’t agree more!

We get so busy doing what we do on campus, it is easy to miss all that is happening around us – and the joy of working and serving at Belhaven.

Dr. Parrott,

My point of view…..Every staff member should get out of their office once a week (at least in my opinion) and experience the sights and sounds of Belhaven College.

This afternoon the sun was shining and the weather was perfect. Standing on top of the hill by the flagpole overlooking the Soccer Bowl the men’s soccer team could be seen and heard practicing while the Cheerleaders were working on their cheer routines in front of Heidelberg gym.

Inside the Auxiliary Gym our Volleyball team was practicing and the Women’s basketball team was practicing in Rugg Arena.

Some students were sitting out on the lawn talking on the phone or talking to friends, and some were sitting at the Pavilion enjoying the fountain.

A peaceful day on campus watching students enjoy their college days at Belhaven College.

Yes all employees should take a waltz around campus… if nothing else to clear their head from schedules, meeting, paperwork, etc. But also to experience the sights and sounds of Belhaven College.

Wow. What a great place to work.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be So Busy You Miss It

  1. i can tell you even after 50 years i still remember vividly

    the sights and sounds of the Belhaven campus i hope

    you can still hear the sounds of the ducks on the Belhaven

    lake… so fat from eating the Sunday evening sack

    suppers they could hardly swim. the walk around the

    lake in the fall was one of Jackson’s prettiest walks. we

    especially enjoyed the benches along the path

  2. Oh Yes, Belhaven is a Beautiful place, Beautiful campus, and has Beautiful people. Let’s all enjoy the fall weather and praise the Lord for his amazing creation. Getting outside always helps to clear the mind and give new perspectives to life.

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