University/College Survey Results

Below are the results from a survey,  generating responses from over 1,000 students, alumni and faculty and staff.

This was a wonderful way to collect a broad spectrum of perspectives and gain good ideas from many who care most about Belhaven.  These outcomes will be shared with the Board of Trustees.

It is our desire from the Board to find God’s clear leading and voice in this decision, and gaining insights from God’s people has been an important part of this process.

Thanks to all of you who participated. Not only did you respond to the questions, but over 500 of you left comments, and I’ve read every one of them.

Here are the significant findings of the survey

The most important finding was an overwhelming number assuming there are official criteria that qualifies a school to be a university rather than a college.  Those who said they were surprised there is not a criteria – Students 85%, Alumni 73%, All Employees 69%, Only Faculty 67%.

When asked if the name “college” or “university” would make a difference in which schools  they  were willing to consider, they responded that University made a difference among 38% of students and 52% of alumni.

When asked which name on the diploma they believe would help most in a job search, University was the preferred choice among Students 70%, Alumni 52%, All Employees 74%, Only Faculty 82%; and College was the choice for only a handful – Students 3%, Alumni 3%, All Employees 1%, Only Faculty 2%.

When asked if changing the name to University would be overall positive or negative, only a small minority said it would be negative – Students 5%, Alumni 11%, All Employees 3%, Only Faculty 3%

When asked, “If you alone made the decision, which would it be?” they responded for “college” – Students 12%, Alumni 26%, All Employees 14%, Only Faculty 10%.




When asked, “If the change is made, when would you prefer it happen?” those who responded immediately or January – Students 77%, All Employees 64%, Only Faculty 66%.

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