Changing the Name – Day 1 Progress Report

At noon yesterday we launched the name change process.  In total, it will take months to shift from “college” to “university,” but the report from the first day is moving us along much faster than I expected.

THE WEB Our Director of Web Services, Doreen Fagerheim, has manually changed over 10,000 references to Belhaven College in our web pages.  Because our searches for Google are driven by the “equity” we have in “Belhaven College” you will see in many place we say,  “Belhaven University – formerly Belhaven College” in order to not lose our rankings in these search engines.  This description of Belhaven will stay in place for an extended time because search engine success is critical for our recruiting of new students.

ATHLETICS Last night the evening television news listed our basketball score as “Belhaven U”  And I received this report about last night’s basketball games from our #1 fans, Lori and Steve Farmer:

Our new name seems to have caught on quickly and is being endorsed by our students.  During a “time out” the left side would chant out “B” and then the right side would yell out “U”.  They even used the cheerleaders large printed B and U signs.  After several rounds, most everyone was joining in.  It was a packed house, standing room only, which made for some great noise.  It was quite a moment…our new name has been embraced!

BOOKSTORE MERCHANDISE – Yesterday we launched a sale on all “College” merchandise.  I heard that at one point the check out line was backed up out the door. We sold over 600 items in the first afternoon.  University apparel has been ordered and will be available at the start of the second semester.

GIFTS TO THE UNIVERSITY – Today I received the first gift to the University.  It was fun to see Belhaven University on a large check.  Needless to say, we’ll accept gifts made out to college or university…..or Belhaven, or most any other way.   This is the time of year when many of our friends help us with scholarship gifts.

WORDMARK – We will be creating a new “BU” logo for use in our printing, apparel, and signs.  Our Director of Communications, Bryant Butler, has developed the new wordmark that you’ll begin to see in several forms in our materials and web page.


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