IMPORTANT – Semester Start Delayed Until Monday January 18th

Because of the water crisis in Jackson, we will NOT open the spring semester on Wednesday as planned.  Here are a number of important decisions and dates.  (These changes are only for the Jackson campus)


1.  Classes will NOT begin on Wednesday this week, but will start on MONDAY, JANUARY 18th.

2.  To make up the class time, we will NOT hold our traditional Martin Luther King Service Day project on Monday, but will have regularly scheduled classes on Monday next week.

3.  Students who are traveling to campus, or have already arrived and live within driving distance are encouraged to return home through the weekend, arriving back on campus on Sunday in time for class Monday morning.

4.  For students who are already on campus and cannot return home, we have bottled water for drinking, temporary restrooms set up outside, and the dinning commons will provide meals – on paper plates, etc.  We do have enough water to keep the heating boilers for the campus running at this point.


1.  Classes will NOT meet tonight – Tuesday.

2.  We will make a decision daily regarding the meeting of class each evening.

3.  Classes will resume as soon as water pressure is restored to the campus.


1.  Offices will remain open this week, and the registration process for the spring semester will continue through the week.

2.  Employees should work with their supervisors on flexible hours in order to assure the offices remain open during regular business hours.   Supervisors will work with you so that some employees can return home for long lunch hours, or come in late or leave early, or work from home to make the crisis easier to handle.  We understand that many employees (like me) do not have any water pressure at home and thus are needing to cope with their family emergencies as well.

3 thoughts on “IMPORTANT – Semester Start Delayed Until Monday January 18th

  1. Dr. Parrott:

    Thanks for your thorough and compassionate effort to navigate through this crisis with all students and their families.

    We are praying for you diligently here on the Coast, having ‘lived it’ following the Katrina debacle.

    Our thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes are sent up throughout the day … press on and God-speed.

  2. Our prayers and thoughts go out from your Orlando brothers and sisters to all of the faculty, staff, and (especially) students who must endure the lack of water at your campus. Hang in there!

  3. Thank you for the guidance you have given the school during this unpredictable time. I just want to say that I am very disheartened to see that Belhaven will not be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As a student, I found more value in this one holiday than I did during most of the others, and by the end of that day I was looking forward to next year. This was one almost guaranteed opportunity in which I was able to give back and serve others. As a student it was hard to find the time or the opportunity to be able to go into the community and serve. I also found this to be an excellent way to build friendships and connections with people I would normally not have the reason and/or opportunity to do so with.

    I know that it is probably not practical to celebrate MLK Day on Monday since students will be returning to campus, and that missed class time must be made up. But I think it would be beneficial for, and perhaps just as valuable, for the students and Belhaven as a whole to reschedule another workday this semester. I think that going out and connecting with and serving the people of the city of Jackson is just as important as time spent in the classroom, going to a ballgame, or watching a performance. It really is the essence of what I found Belhaven to be which is “To serve, not to be served”.

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