Water Update #3 – No Adult or Graduate Classes this Week

Following up on question raised by several students – MONDAY IS NOT A SERVICE PROJECT DAY. REGULAR  CLASSES WILL BEGIN MORNING.


The good news on the water front is that the city is beginning to get water pressure restored.  At my house, we’re about half the pressure of a normal time.

But on the campus we still have no water pressure, and thus will not have heat back on today for sure….maybe not tomorrow.

To help in the planning for students and faculty, we are canceling adult and graduate classes for the remainder of the week.

The traditional students who are still here were glad to be in the Sleep Inn last night, instead of the very cold temperatures of our buildings.  The weather forecast projects a warmer day, but students will stay off campus until we get water pressure restored.

We continue with a limited staff on campus to handle registration, so offices are open if students need assistance….just wear your coat!

The basketball games scheduled for tomorrow night are still on.  There is heat in the gym, but no water.

We continue to expect that we’ll be ready to go for Sunday move in time for students, and Monday morning classes to begin on time.

One thought on “Water Update #3 – No Adult or Graduate Classes this Week

  1. Dr. Parrot it is not fair to some of the students on campus to have to start the semester off on one of the most important days of their history. Martin Luther King Day is very important. The decision that school should begin on this day should be reconsidered. Three other colleges within Jackson has considered that day to be important and has given instructions that school should resume on the 19th. Even though school needs to start right away, it is definitely not fair to some of your students.

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