Water Update #5 – THE FINAL REPORT!!!!


The water is flowing at full strength on the campus, the heating systems are working, and the rest rooms and showers are fully operational.

RESIDENCE HALL STUDENTS can begin moving back into their rooms at 9 am tomorrow morning.  Those students who are staying in the hotel will need to check out tomorrow morning before 11 am.  We have plenty of bottled water in the residence halls for you to drink and to use for brushing your teeth until the boil water notice is lifted (probably Saturday night or early Sunday)

DINING COMMONS will begin serving at noon tomorrow and will be back on their normal schedule for all meals.

ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES will all be back to full strength tomorrow with the all staff back at work.

We need to all be appreciative of our student life and campus operations teams who carried so much during this time to make fast adjustments to help us manage this challenge.  I’m especially grateful to David Potvin and Wayne Green who oversaw the complexity of protecting our mechanical systems without water, and for Scott Little and Greg Hawkins who creatively helped to meet our student’s needs during this challenging week.

Whew, I’m glad that’s over!

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