Name Change Progress

The name change process is progressing ahead of schedule, and the name “University” is starting to come out more naturally as we’re all learning to not say “College.”

1.  I saw a draft of the new letterhead from Bryant Butler, and it is really sharp.  It will come to all of us as a generic letterhead, with a word processing template that will put your individualized information in at the bottom, and it will look like it is printed.  This will be a huge cost savings in that we can do only one run for the entire campus since none of us will have individually prepared stationery printed or stockpiled.

2.  A new “BU” logo is in process. You’d think putting together two letters would be simple, but it’s not.  Our marketing group is teaming with our graphic design faculty to get just the right look.

3.  You may have noticed that the state’s signs on the interstate have been changed.

4. The graphic design students are doing an inventory of everything on campus, in print, and on the web that says College so that we can be sure to get them all changed to University.

5. The bookstore has a great new section of university shirts, hats, and other merchandise. If you’re not on campus, you can always purchase through the bookstore online or call or email them if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the online offerings:  601-968-5910,

6.  And if you’re driving up I-55, look at the digital billboard.  Our billboard to announce the name change will really catch your eye…..and here’s a picture:


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