Lausanne III Key Issues

Some of you have asked me more about the Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town, and the meeting of the US delegates meeting in Dallas last week.

Below is a summary of that meeting from Lausanne, and you’ll especially be interested in the six key issues of the Congress which will frame the discussion.

In preparation for the Congress, Lausanne is hosting 12 “Global Conversations” across the United States.  Belhaven University will host one of of those conversations, on April 13th.  This will be the focus of our chapel on that Tuesday, and then in the evening, the Global Conversation with Lausanne leaders will be held at First Presbyterian Church.

Here is the summary from Dallas:

Summary Report
Cape Town 2010 US Participants Meeting
Dallas, TX
January 25-27, 2010

Nearly 300 men and women from 175 organizations— local churches, denominations, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and foundations— gathered at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas for a foretaste of this October’s Cape Town 2010 and the Lausanne Global Conversation that will lead up to and ripple out from it.

In October of this year, 400 US participants will be in Cape Town with some 4000 other participants from 200 countries.  Many at this Dallas meeting commented on the beautiful diversity of the participants in age, gender, ethnicity, region, ministry focus and denominational affiliation – a diversity that will also be reflected in Cape Town

The Dallas gathering was intended to catalyze relationships between the US representatives and other leaders identifying with the Lausanne Movement, to begin discussion around the six themes of Cape Town 2010, and to look beyond Cape Town 2010 to collaborative evangelistic efforts in the US leading toward 2020.

Throughout the three days participants met around tables of six to eight. The core of the program consisted of six extended conversations related to the key issues of the upcoming Congress:

1) Making the case for the Truth of Christ in a Pluralistic, Globalized World

2) Building the Peace of Christ in our Divided and Broken World

3) Bearing witness of the Love of Christ with People of Other Faiths

4) Discerning the Will of Christ for the 21st Century World Evangelization

5) Calling the Church of Christ back to Humility, Integrity and Simplicity

6) Partnering in the Body of Christ Toward a New Global Equilibrium

Each topic was introduced by brief, incisive comments by Nikki Toyama-Szeto, complemented by video clips and/or thought-provoking insights from Os Guinness and others.  Woven around the lively table discussions were presentations of the genesis of the Cape Town 2010 idea and of the Lausanne Global Conversation and the supporting technology that would enable participation of thousands of Christians around the world— before the Congress through the Internet, and during the Congress itself through 250 Cape Town GlobaLink sites.

Other highlights included meditations on Paul’s prayers in Ephesians guided by Lindsay Olesberg, worship songs in several languages, live greetings through Skype from Rick Warren, an enthusiastic invitation from Lon Allison for US delegates to regather in March 2011 to tend the flame and to plan for the coming decade of evangelization, and Doug Birdsall’s reminder of the “spirit of Lausanne” as expressed by Dr. Billy Graham: “the spirit of fellowship, humility, study, prayer, partnership and hope.” The spirit of Lausanne was evident throughout the days in Dallas – a gathering that contributed powerfully to the growing momentum for Cape Town 2010.

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