A Challenge to Blazer Fans

I wanted to put this message in a separate post on the blog so you wouldn’t miss it even though it also relates to what I just posted.

Our softball team has only two home games remaining in the season. And since they are on track to accumulate the most wins in our history, do you think we could gather the biggest crowd in Blazer softball history too?

Could we get more people out to these last two games than we’ve had to all our other games combined?

Softball doesn’t typically draw a big crowd – let’s change that for these two final home games.

Tuesday, April 6 – 2pm

Thursday, April 22 – 3 pm

Both games are at Freedom Ridge Park.  Maybe you’ve never been to a Blazer softball game before……this is your best opportunity.  Come see history in the making!  Here is the map:


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