Students from 20 Countries Enrolled

This fall we have forty-seven international students enrolled. Three of these students are graduate students.

Four students are enrolled in our new English as a Second Language offering, and seven additional students are taking one English language course.

Among these international students, South Korea is represented most strongly with ten students. Six students are from the United Kingdom, and five have come from Brazil.

We have three students from the countries of Columbia, France and Malaysia. We have two students from Canada, and two from China.

One student is at Belhaven from 12 different countries: Australia, Belize, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Twenty-two of these international students are athletes, with fifteen on the soccer team, and two each playing tennis, baseball, and men’s basketball. One international student plays on the volleyball team.

Many US universities have an overwhelming number of international students from one country, and few from the remainder of the world. At Belhaven, we are blessed to have such a diverse representation of the whole world among our students.

To have the world come to Belhaven enhances the quality of our educational experience campus experience and campus life for all our students.

** Every international student with us has a host family to support them during their time at Belhaven. And we have a designated team of staff who also help support these students and meet the needs while they are so far from home.

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