Thanksgiving Weekend Homework Assignment

Thanksgiving is a time to look back, not to look ahead – forward projecting comes at the end of this season of holidays, with New Year’s Day as the other bookend.

Those first 53 surviving Pilgrims from the Mayflower celebrated Thanksgiving in 1621 because it was an English tradition to have a feast at the end of the harvest when the work was done for the year.

But for the Pilgrim’s first thanksgiving at Plymouth, they had very little – and these were people who during that year built 7 times more graves than huts, and had come very close to giving up and returning to England.

So for them, Thanksgiving was  celebrated NOT because they had so much.

Rather, it was a time to look back and reflect on how far God had brought them with so little.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you’ll find time to look back and remember how far God has brought you.

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