You Can Encourage Better TV and Movies

The Christian Film and Television Commission, and their Movie Guide (, has done three decades of wonderful work to encourage film and television studios to produce more programing that builds up our values and faith rather than tear it down.

Dr. Ted Baehr, who is a good friend of Belhaven, has led this effort. His daughter Evy is a graduate of Belhaven and now does many of the red carpet interviews for the Movie Guide.

Ted’s research and influence speaks to what matters most in Hollywood – the box office – and he has proven to the influencers of the film industry that family friendly films always make more money.

The Annual Movie Guide Awards show will be broadcast on the Hallmark Movie Channel on Monday May 16th.  Help get the word out about this broadcast and how you can encourage your church to participate in assuring that we, who say we care about Christian values in the media, will actually support the production of this show by tuning in.

Visit ( to find out more.

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