Jackson Campus Expands To Better Serve Adult and Grad Students

We are expanding our campus with a new facility to serve our Aspire students and graduate business students.

The growth of our ASPIRE program and graduate enrollment has brought us to an wonderful, but complex challenge – we are totally out of space for evening students on our campus. And that space limitation has packed classrooms and made the parking in the evening a difficult challenge.

This will change August as we take a bold step that will enhance our adult’s learning experience, make their parking abundant, and allow them learning a first class corporate environment that reflects the career desires of our adult students.

This fall, our classrooms for our ASPIRE and business graduate programs will move from the Belhaven campus to the LeFleur Building just north of our campus, on the I-55 Frontage Road, about a half mile north of Northside Drive.

It is a well known five-story building – WorldCom had their offices their in their early days, and currently the building houses the FDIC, the Ford Foundation, and other corporate entities in Jackson. It is near the Picadilly Cafeteria (and everyone knows where that is), but it may become known as the Belhaven University building – our name will be across the top of the building in huge letters.

All classes for ASPIRE undergraduate and business graduate degrees will be in the LeFleur Building.  We will have 17 new classrooms that will all be “smart classrooms” with the proper technology to strengthen the learning experience.

The classrooms will be on the second floor, while the  main floor, right inside the front door, will be our ASPIRE administrative offices.  Our August classes will begin in the new building, but the space may not be ready for offices until a few weeks later…so they will probably move during September.

The classes for the graduate education and public administration will remain on our Peachtree Street campus.

When you see the new location, I think you’ll agree the Lord has gone before us to find the right place to extend our campus.


2 thoughts on “Jackson Campus Expands To Better Serve Adult and Grad Students

  1. Does this mean the Jackson resident students will have better access to our parking spaces during evening classes??

  2. Will the new location house a bookstore for students to exchange books along with a cafe for students to get refreshments?

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