Is College Worth The Cost?

A few weeks ago National Public Radio did an encouraging story on the value of higher education.

They point out that during every recession, there are a host of new stories asking  questions about college cost vs. value.

Before you believe those stories, you need to listen to this NPR piece.  You can read it or listen to it HERE.

A few highlights worth noting:

  • College graduates were less likely to be unemployed before the current recession started and less likely to lose their jobs after the recession happened.
  • “And in fact, … college graduates … are the only segment of the economy where employment has actually gotten better during the first five months of this year,” he says.
  • We always see a spike in doom stories during economic downturns, and he says people love to hear them.
  • Every college won’t always be worth it but, he says “the long-term trends about the average value of a college degree are very strong.”

And here is the bottom line:

  • Anthony Carnevale, labor economists at Georgetown University, has calculated that on our current pace, the U.S. is going to produce 3 million fewer college graduates by 2018 than the economy will demand.

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