Stories from Fitzhugh Hall

We have opened a blog for alumni, faculty, and staff to share their stories from Fitzhugh Hall.  You can find it HERE.  Tell us your story.

This is a great story posted Saturday by Kelli Albritton Irby:

I met my now husband, Tim Irby at Belhaven my Freshman year. We began dating soon after and when I moved over to Fitzhugh Hall, I lived on the second floor, corner room, facing the big magnolia tree. We had no bell system, like in Helen White, to call you when you had a visitor in the lobby, so when Tim came over, he pitched small rocks up to my window, calling me down. I knew there had to be a better system so I attached a bell to my blinds cord, cut one end, tied a knot and ran the excess out my window for Tim to grab and ring instead of throwing rocks at my window. It worked. For those three years, that is how my husband would call me down to meet him. …I still have the bell.

And Tom Maynor from Meridian tells of his engagement to Ann in Fitzhugh:

I met my future wife Ann on her first day on campus.  Our first date was to the Mississippi State Fair on October 6 1957.  We dated throughout our college years. I gave her an engagement ring in the Fitzhugh palor, Christmas 1961.  She lived on the third floor of Fitzhugh.  Every night at 10 pm I would meet her for a visit in the basement of Fitzhugh. We graduated and were married in 1961, and we just celebrated 50 years of marriage.  Fitzhugh holds a lot of wonderful memories for us. I pray Fitzhugh can be saved.

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